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There are a lot of factors that go into running an Orthodontic practice or any medical practice for that matter.

 The one thing that I have come to learn after working with many doctors over the years with my online reputation management and marketing company is that most doctors wish there were real training classes on the business end of things which would have been a huge benefit to them entering the real world. Even today there are very few resources doctors can access to learn sales, management or business skills in general.

 In fact if you are an orthodontist with your own private practice you essentially have a retail sales operation. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can increase your business by implementing best practices in sales management. The DSO’s have come to realize this fact that is why their business models are to partner doctors with those with in depth business knowledge and experience. In 2011 I was hired as a consultant by an Orthodontist who realized she needed the business expertise to turn her practice around. We quickly came to realize if she focused on what she did best which was to care for the patients and I focused on what I did best which was to run the business side of the practice it could be truly beneficial. It’s 2018 now and we are still a team!

 My passion for running businesses, my knowledge of your industry and the requests of many of my clients for help specifically on the business side has inspired me to share my proven business best practices and tools with other doctors who need and want to better manage their practices!

 My 7 years of living in your world has afforded me the opportunity to see first hand what day to day challenges you face and what each of your team members face as well.

 I get asked all the time what area should I focus on first to improve my practice. My answer to this question will always be “your greatest asset” your team. Assuming your team is happy then the next area I would turn my attention to which will have the greatest impact will be your processes with your exams, follow up and your ability to convert your exams into patients! (Conversion percentage)

This is why I created Treatment Converter a true solution to a real orthodontic need/challenge of improving your conversions!

And all of our Online Training Courses and Tools to serve as many doctors who can use some assistance in improving their practices!


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