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To Help Orthodontist Convert More Starts From Their Aged Pending Exams That They Haven't Heard Back From, Are No Longer Following Up With And Have Written Off As No Longer Interested. From These Exams Alone We Recover $100k To $300k + Per Year For Our Clients!

Our Exclusive "DFY" Personal And Live Follow Up Recovery And Support Programs Turns What Was Once Lost Into Starts...Guaranteed!

Custom Presentations

Imagine generating a full presentation including the insurance portion in under five minutes. Plus no two patients are alike that is why our platform allows you to customize your presentation to meet their needs. If they need to go home and discuss it with their spouse no problem, conveniently email it to them. Our platform is interactive patients can adjust their down or monthly payments to fit their budget, all from the comfort of their own homes. Our system continues to work for you even after they leave your office as once they are ready all they have to do is hit the accept button and you are notified immediately!

Value Focused Follow Up System

The question is not whether some of your exams are falling through the cracks, the question is how many? Our follow up tracking system will tell you that and more! We know the more time/days that lapse without communication with potential patients the less chance of converting them. Imagine having the last objection your patient gave and how many days it’s been since they were in your office at your fingertips. Effective follow up with a valuable message is key!

Convert More Exams Into Patients

Are you tracking your conversion percentage? If so, how accurate is it? We all know when it comes to data, garbage in garbage out. Therefore, our platform ensures that your conversions are properly tracked and we didn’t stop there. In addition you will also know how many exams you lost and why. If knowledge is power, then get ready to have a powerful increase in your conversion percentage!


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"I am blown away by how quickly I can get the quote to the patient, before tx converter I would have to leave the new patient to go back to my desk for 10-15 mins doing the math, drafting and formating the estimate, now I have something to show the patient in less than 5 mins."

Angie R

"Knowing how many starts you get in a month is obviously important but have you ever tracked what your potential starts are in aging, status and dollars? This one report does it for me. I won't run my practice without it!"

Dr. L

"I used to use a simple spreadsheet that I thought was good enough. But the bottomline is if you use the system for 100% of your exams no one will fall through the cracks!"

Melissa C

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